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How low can it go for the three main parties? Constituency-level analysis of the Sunday Business Post-Red C opinion poll (22nd November 2014)

Irish Elections: Geography, Facts and Analyses

Adrian Kavanagh, 25th October 2014 

The latest Sunday Business Post-Red C poll (22nd November 2014) suggests that the political effects of the recent events surrounding Irish Water have acted mainly to the advantage of the Independents and Others grouping and also Sinn Fein, while the government parties experience another drop in their support levels. Fine Gael sees a four percentage point drop in the party’s poll levels in the Red C poll, while there is no change in the Labour Party poll figures. Having edged ahead of Fine Gael in the Sunday Independent-Millward Brown poll, the improvement in Sinn Fein support levels in this poll leaves them tied with Fine Gael as the most popular party in the state based on these poll figures. Following on the five percentage point gain made by this grouping in the October 24th poll following the by-election wins of early October, the Independents and Others grouping makes a further three percentage points…

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