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Joan Burton’s reshuffle headache

Johnny Fallon

Joan Burton has a lot of thinking to do in a very short period of time. Today, she will meet Enda Kenny to discuss the changes to cabinet. This will be the first real test for Burton. Judging by the early speculation there are some reasons to be concerned.

On a positive not there is much talk of a swapping of some portfolios or a restructuring of Departments. This would be a very positive move for Labour who got sidelined after the general election by being pushed out of the pro-active economic roles.

Now, let’s look at the reshuffle headache for Burton. First up who stays and who goes. A major test of her mettle will be Pat Rabbitte. He has not made it easy like Quinn did. Rabbitte is not popular or anything spectacular as a minister. There is also no future in him for the Labour party. Despite…

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