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Angela Kerins paid salary of €240,00 per annum by Rehab Group.

€240,000 per annum salary for Rehab Group CEO, Angela Kerins

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Statement by the Rehab Group Board, February 17th 2014

The Rehab Group Board met today and agreed to make a statement regarding the salary of our Chief Executive Ms. Angela Kerins.

The Rehab Group is an organisation which values entrepreneurship and innovation and its mission is to promote equality and to fight disadvantage through world-class services and initiatives. Rehab is an independent group of charities and commercial companies, which provide a wide range of services, including health and social care services, training and education and employment and pre-employment services, as well as a number of businesses operating in the areas of retail, manufacturing, logistics and recycling.

The Rehab Group is committed to achieving growth, sustainability and value for money in partnership with its customers. The people who benefit from our services include children and adults with disabilities, people with autism, people with mental health difficulties and other disadvantaged groups such…

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