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Perjury investigation over Stardust Disaster.

Perjury investigation over Stardust Disaster.

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Stardust Aftermath Press Release from The Stardust Legal Challenge & Justice Campaign.

As the government have failed to pay past bills as they promised as vouched expenses we have set up the Bridget McDermott  stardust fund for the European court of human rights case and the past bills for the stardust case.

The Government have failed to produce any evidence to back up their claim the families never presented any new evidence. We draw your attention to the Irish times article to be published 11/2/2014 it confirms a police investigation has opened which makes Enda Kenny an Taoiseach and Minister Shatter pathetic as they have no evidence to back up their claims “what has been presented by the families and what they have seen is not new evidence” This not new evidence according to them is the evidence that opened up an active police investigation. Don’t they now look pathetic.

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