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Details of Newstalk Autumn Schedule

NewstalkListeners ‘Move The Dial’ To Listen to Newstalk’s New Autumn Line-up

Listeners ‘Move The Dial’ To Listen to Newstalk’s New Autumn Line-up

Ivan Yates will rejoin Newstalk with an exclusive interview on The Pat Kenny Show Monday 2nd of September.

1st September, 2013: Newstalk 106-108 fm today announced the return of Ivan Yates to the station, as part of its launch of the station’s new weekday schedule. Ivan will rejoin Chris Donoghue on Newstalk Breakfast from Wednesday 4th September, giving listeners the first bite at news analysis, business, sport and entertainment every morning from 6.30am to 10am. This new season marks Newstalk’s strongest lineup since the station launched and reflects its long-term commitment to the development of independent radio in Ireland.

Speaking at the schedule launch, Garrett Harte, Newstalk’s Station Editor, said: “Our new-look weekday schedule marks a turning point in independent radio and reflects Newstalk’s commitment of delivering high quality talk radio. The return of Ivan and the arrival of Pat Kenny to our team combined with the seasoned expertise of Chris Donoghue, Jonathan Healy, Sean Moncrieff and George Hook will ensure that this season will be our best ever. Tomorrow marks a new day for Newstalk and I am confident that this team will ensure that Newstalk grows to new heights.”

Commenting on his return to Newstalk, Ivan Yates said: “I am very pleased to return to Newstalk Breakfast this week with Chris Donoghue and look forward to once again taking up on those issues both at home and abroad that are of interest to our listeners.” Ivan will be interviewed on the first Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk FM tomorrow morning where he will answer questions on his 16 months in Wales and what it means for him now.
Newstalk Breakfast (6:30am – 10am) is the first radio show in the country to bring its listeners the news analysis, business, sport and entertainment every morning. The magnetic combination Chris and Ivan will ensure that Ireland is not only fully aware of the issues of the day but it will also provide views, opinions and analysis. Ivan and Chris’s unique chemistry will set-up the nation for the day-ahead.

The Pat Kenny Show (10am – 12:30pm) will bring the sharp analysis of news and current affairs and fresh perspectives on the issues of the day. Breaking news will be interweaved with news features and reports from a variety of reporters based across the country. Experts will be on hand to guide listeners on everything from consumer and employment rights and health issues to savvy holiday options. And Pat will be joined by all the best personalities from the entertainment world.

Lunchtime with Jonathan Healy moves to the slightly later time of 12.30pm, where Jonathan takes listeners through a fast paced news programme that will bring them up to date with the top stories of the day. Jonathan will be joined with a regular panel of experts including Brendan Keenan, Economics Editor of the Irish Independent, the former TD and Irish rugby international Jim Glennon and Kevin Cullen from the Boston Globe.

Ireland’s fastest growing afternoon show, Moncrieff, will continue to broadcast from 1.30pm to 4.30pm with Sean Moncrieff presenting a zany and intelligent of mix of stories from home and around the world, fascinating guests and insightful text messages. The quirky reporting style of Henry McKean adds a unique thread to the daily conversation. Sean’s zany style and insights combine to bring a compelling three hours of radio genius.

The Right Hook will take over the airwaves from 4.30pm to 7pm with George Hook delivering his trademark mix of news, comment and opinion. The Right Hook will continue to delve into the issues of the day as George’s trademark style, wit and honesty entertains listeners across the country. George promises that this season’s show will be his best yet as he anchors a slot that he has dominated for the last 11 years.

At 7pm, the Off the Ball team fronted by Ger Gilroy, Joe Molloy, former Laois footballer Colm Parkinson, and former Wexford hurler, Diarmuid Lyng, will bring all sports enthusiasts up-to-date on events from home and around the world. Off The Ball continues to be Ireland’s premier sports show as Ger and his team continue to deliver the expertise and comments that has made this show so universally popular.

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Notes to Editor:

The new weekday schedule is as follows:
6.30am to 7am: Business Breakfast with Ian Guider
7am to 10am: Newstalk Breakfast
10am to 12.30pm: The Pat Kenny Show
12.30pm to 1.30pm: Lunchtime with Jonathan Healy
1.30pm to 4.30pm: Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff
4.30pm to 7pm: The Right Hook with George Hook
7pm to 10pm: Off the Ball


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