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The Ringsend Riot feature from Newstalk.

Come Here To Me!

Yesterday I was on Newstalk discussing a peculiar incident that occurred early on during the 1913 Lockout. You can listen to the audio here. Previously featured on the site, a game between Bohemians and Shelbourne was targeted by Jim Larkin as he believed there to be scabs playing for each team. I was joined by Will Irvine, the co-director of ANU Productions. ANU are doing great work with their Dublin Tenement Experience (Sadly coming to an end soon) and this incident features in their performance. A sound clip from the Tenement Experience was featured in the piece.

The opening scene, in what was to prove a prolonged and sanguinary drama, was enacted in the Ringsend district. In his speech on Friday night Mr. Larkin had referred to a football match which was to be played on Saturday in the Shelbourne Ground at Ringsend between two local clubs. ‘ There are…

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