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A Challenge to government on Seanad Referendum and Getting My Vote

Johnnys excellent analysis on opposition to abolition of the Seanad, why weren’t we offered a ‘preferendum’ choice that included Reform of the Seanad?

Johnny Fallon

According to reports we are to be bombarded by the government telling us how the abolition of the Seanad will save €20 million per annum. That’s a cool €200 million over the next 10 years. The campaign is to be about one thing, money.

Now as followers of this blog know, I am no fan of the Seanad. It is elitist and an institution that I have never had a vote in or much interest in. However, I am strongly opposed to its abolition. Why? Because doing that is in my opinion an even greater waste of time. The Seanad does not work because the Dail has never wanted it to work and prevents it at every opportunity. Now the Dail has decided to get rid of this thorn in its side altogether. Once it’s abolished the Dail can set up some nice new committees and think tanks and allocate…

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