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Details of ‘One Night Stand’ Article from College Times



Idiotic, Stupid, Puerile, Dangerous article promoting ‘lads’ how to catch their ‘prey’ to engage in a one night stand.   Cached page of controversial article on One Night Stands may be read here, I’ll be discussing this on 98fm’s Late Night Talk after 9pm tonight (8th of August).


College Times Apology:

College Times would like to publicly apologise to our advertising partner 7UP for a technical failure that allowed advertisements for the brand to appear alongside an article in our ‘It’s all about sex section’. We have removed the brand from the particular section and would like to make it clear that 7UP would never be associated with content of this type.

The article ‘One Night Stand – For Men’ was written by a woman to highlight, in a satirical fashion, behaviours that occur commonly within our society. The article was based on the observations of a student, College Times never intended to offend any of our readers. The author of the piece wrote a similar article for a Canadian website;, no plagiarism occurred.

One comment on “Details of ‘One Night Stand’ Article from College Times

  1. One Night Stands online
    December 16, 2013

    thanks for this link, interesting post about sex in college

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