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Launch of New Irish Political Party Tuesday 30th of July.


Press Morning, Buswell’s Hotel. Tuesday 30th July 2013 11.00am prompt.

New Party Launch

Just when Mr Kenny has buzzed off on holiday, the political landscape is to take a seismic shift to satisfy the 75% or so voters who are totally disillusioned with our present elected parties.

So be mindful of Tuesday 30th July, as there will be something entirely new to be talking about – and to engage with! Your are personally invited to come along to ‘Buswells Hotel’, just opposite Leinster House to obtain the briefing from our press morning which kicks off at 11.00 prompt. Meet and discuss how this Party is about to stir the waters indefinitely till polling day 2014/2016 which includes the opening its first constituency office this week.  Discover our core values; our views on Europe, our plans for job creation, debt recovery, and economic stimulation – and most of all, the kind of vision that will at last drive this country forward with compassion and competence.

Is this new party derived from the usual brigade of tired out ‘also rans’; lack luster panel celebs; on the fence economists; or previously whipped TD’s looking for a career life boat NO ! Every one, yes everyone, can rest assured that as most people are truly sick of politicians, we arrive on completely from backfield armed with policies to ensure our government structures perform, become more accountable, and finally receive incomes befitting the country they reside in.

So what really is new – new parties have come and gone! Even individuals with stacks of money in the war chest have failed. We recognise that the present landscape is quite different and likewise the people involved in this organisation are very different too – we have no connection with current politics, or big business. This makes our objectivity intensely acute, more significant, and more attuned to voter confidence. Like the dynamics of any organisation that brings in fresh faces to achieve a shift in direction, we have that platform and intend to exploit it fully for the benefit of all; because we can’t carry-on in the same old way. Indeed our independence means can by-pass the kind of paralysis created by ‘academic gridlock’, a causation which Ireland often finds itself in. And also our polices are designed to move the country forward not maintain an elected representatives career – totally refreshing.

We’ve had rhetoric and much debate for the last half decade. Now instead of ‘all-talk’ it’s time for action, unwavering determination and leadership. Be there as history writes the beginning of a new chapter, we would be delighted to see you.

 Best Regards, Martin Critten

Spokesperson, National Independent Party



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