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Was Jesus Christ, Gay or Straight? Should Catholic priests marry?

Jesus GayIn 2010 Elton John suggested that Jesus Christ was a “compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems”.  The singer made these comments in an interview with Parade Magazine.  A man from Georgia in America was arrested after posting a youtube video standing outside the musicians Atlanta apartment building holding up a sign that stated that “Elton John must die”, the man in question is Neal Horsley, who ran for Governor in the state for the Creator’s Rights Party and he has been charged with criminal defamation and use of the internet to make threats.  He is a known anti abortionist and known for producing a website which provided the home addresses of abortion providers in the United States.

“We’re here today to remind Elton John that he has to die,” Horsley said in the video. “What Elton John has done is desecrated the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, blasphemed the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Details of the incident are here from wikipedia:  Horsley was arrested in Carrollton, Georgia on March 12, 2010 by police on charges of terroristic threats, making criminal defamation and using the Internet to disseminate threats in relation to a February 28, 2010 video which he had posted on his YouTube account.  The video showed Horsley holding the sign in front of what he believed to be John’s condo in Buckhead, although John’s publicist refused to confirm the exact location of his house in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

But was Jesus Christ gay?  A lot of evidence points to the fact that he may well have been, lets examine the sexuality of one of the greatest icons in history.  The religious purists believe Jesus Christ was celibate and asexual, but this is highly unlikely, if we look at the Catholic faith, the only reason that Catholic Priests don’t marry is due to the Vatican bringing in this rule due primarily to concerns about inheritance rights.  It wasn’t until the Second Lateran Council in 1139 that a firm church law allowing ordination only of unmarried men was adopted as Pope Innocent II voided all marriages of priests and all new priests had to divorce their wives, however before this In 1022 Pope Benedict VIII banned marriages and mistresses for priests.

So before this priests and Popes did marry and also had concupines, proving that there was no restriction on priests expressing their sexuality.  Now common understanding accepts that Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ were possibly lovers and most likely married.  But if you examine the scriptures and religious historians, it seems quite possible that Jesus Christ was also Gay, and may have had several male lovers.

In the Gospel of John, the disciple John frequently refers to himself in the third person as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’.”  Was this the Son of Gods special lover?

“In the Book of John a word is used eight times that means ‘is in love with’ with the implication of sexual intimacy. Five times it is used with reference to Jesus’ relationship with John. Once it is used to define Jesus’ relationship with Lazarus. And it is also used to describe his relationship with Mary and with her sister Martha.

In Mark 7:14-16 there is a phrase that shows that Jesus approves of homosexual acts. The critical phrase reads: “There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him…

The description of an incident when Jesus was arrested by the religious police in Mark 14:51-52 examines how one of Jesus’ followers was scantily dressed. The King James Version says he had a linen cloth cast on his naked body, in the The New International Version it says that he was “wearing nothing but a linen garment.”  When the police tried to seize him, they were able to grab only his cloth; the man ran away naked. Reverend Peter Murphy has spoken on this saying “We don’t know from the sources what really was going on, but we do know that something was very peculiar between Jesus and young men.

Was Jesus Gay and if he was does it make any difference to your faith or lack of faith and is there is more to be said on the issue than just a throwaway comment from Elton John?  The main issue being why should priests remain celibate, if they are gay or straight why should it in any way affect their ministry.  Isn’t it now high time that Catholic priests should be allowed to marry and if priests are gay surely they should be allowed to engage in relationships particularly.  This country has seen a horrendous legacy of abuse in the church, trying to enforce celibacy in the church has done nothing but drive a culture of sexual frustration amongst the clergy and precipitated generations of abuse, cover ups and deviancy.  Surely Jesus Christs message was one of compassion, tolerance and love, so therefore he wouldn’t discriminate, so why should we and why should the vatican?


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