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Tropical Spring: Massive Protests in Brazilian Cities

Brazil Protests New In Brazil on Thursday night/Friday morning a mass civil protest movement took place as hundreds of thousands of people mobilised on the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and other cities throughout the country.  There were confirmed reports overnight of police opening fire on protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas rounds against the protesting Brazilians.  Initial anger over a public transport fare hike, that was subsequently withdrawn, was believed to be the catalyst for protests earlier in the week, however tonight’s huge protest shows that problems in the South American country run much deeper.  The protests are believed to have been continued due to ongoing anger at cuts in state spending on public services, political corruption, increased taxes and much resentment among Brazilians over the mounting costs associated with next years World Cup.

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One of the popular slogans is “The People Should Not Fear Their Government, The Government Should Fear The People”.  Tonight the ‘Tropical Spring’, on the streets of Brazil, will make the countries authorities very nervous, as the world looks on as the Confederation Cup is currently being held there.  Protesters have clashed with police and there are fires throughout the cities where protesters have assembled.  Pictures, videos and tweets have shown the strength of people power against a system that the public is no longer prepared to tolerate, ‘The evolution is coming, A revolution has begun’, tweets one and, ‘Time to change Brazil, start the Revolution’, is another.  The ‘Tropical Spring’ in Brazil is trending worldwide on twitter with one tweet proclaiming international solidarity with the Brazilian people, reminiscent of the ‘Arab Spring’ movement, with the tweet, ‘You have a twitter voice right Here! #changebrazil we are together!

Channel 4 Report – 

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BBC Report:  
Russia Today Report:  


5.05 – Dow Jones Business News.  President Calls Emergency Cabinet Meeting.        Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff called an emergency cabinet meeting Friday after at least one million people rallied for better public services and against the high cost of staging the World Cup.  The mounting pressure on Ms. Rousseff’s government in the face of the biggest street protests the South American country has seen in 20 years also prompted her to cancel a trip to Japan planned for next week.  Read more:

5.04 – #Brazil #protests: riot police scatter crowds in Rio | World news | 

5.03 – RT ‏@RT_com  RT’s wrap of Thursday in #Brazil – one killed, dozens injured as police face 1 million in 100 cities:  #ChangeBrazil

4.30 – BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking   One million people took part in protests in 100 cities across #Brazil on Thursday, local media report 

4.13 – RT ‏@RT_com   #BRAZIL: At least 55 are now reported injured in Rio as protests continue:  #ChangeBrazil

3.36 – ABC News ‏@abcnews   800,000 people in #Brazil protest against World Cup spending, cost of living 

3.23 – BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking  Motorist drives through barricade killing protester aged 18 in Ribeirao Preto, #Brazil, police say 




2.58 – Reports that 40 people are attending Hospital in Rio with injuries.  Over 100 injuries reported at protests across Brazil, including three news journalists.

2.38 – Reports of 800,000 protesters on the streets of Brazil, unconfirmed that twelve people injured by car, one person killed by SUV driver, believed to be 18 years old, police in riot gear use tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters, fires and damage to properties caused by protesters.

2.16 – NewsBreaker ‏@NewsBreaker  BREAKING IN #BRAZIL: Protester in Ribeirao Preto, SP killed by a car, with 3 others injured:  – @RT_com

2.15 – RT ‏@RT_com  BREAKING IN #BRAZIL: Protester in Ribeirao Preto, SP killed by a car, with three others injured: #ChangeBrazil

1.23 – RT ‏@RT_com   #BRAZIL: At least 28 have been injured by tear gas and rubber bullets in Rio as protests continue:  #ChangeBrazil

EuroNews Report:  

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Huge crowds demonstrate in Rio and throughout Brazil tonight


Massive public protests against taxes, corruption & poor public services on the streets of #brazil #confed … #rio

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Major unrest & large police presence #rio #brazilprotests #changebrazil

 Mass protests in Rio tonight outside #confed cup game.

#brazilprotests also in #brasilia

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